• Leading source for clothing out of sustainable fabrics-, recycled polyester yarn(pet bottle) with GRS certificate, recycled cottons

    Bio Green Natural Fibre garments out of Banana, Aloe vera, Arecanut , Indian Hemp and herbal dyed fabrics,Organic cottons (GOTS)

Work with us – to work with fully compliant factories

About us

LINKERS BUYING SERVICES a buying agency set up in 1991 Linkers have catering
to the European market. For over 25 years continuously for their buying out of India and Bangladesh.
We handle their brand requirement orders and the volume orders.
In Bangladesh we have a full-fledged team to handle and so also in India with presence
in Tirupur, Bangalore and with factories being controlled in Ludhiana, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Salem, Chennai

We source, sample, negotiate, place orders and follow up the orders with -prestart inspections – f
first day production quality control -online production and final quality control with AQL.
Arranging Buyer visits etc. naturally form a part of our role function.

We would be very interested in the possibility of handling your requirements from India and Bangladesh. If there is any other information you would require on our services, please do mail us for detailed proposal on how we would handle your orders.


Market Analysis and Market Research

Market analysis in the following areas :

  • Suppliers as per product and article group
  • Materials and accessories
  • Price
  • Competitors activities
  • Continues information Economic developments (Currency, Inflation Rate ).

Continuous market reports through :

  • Continuous contact with the important manufacturing companies in all product groups .
  • Visiting all Fairs and Exhibition (Finished Product , Raw Material ).
  • Contact also institutions, Trade Associations (For example indo German chamber of commerce, Apparel Export Promotion Council. Leather Export Promotion Council Etc.).
  • Subscribing to specialized magazines ( Textilwirtschaft , Fabric Source etc .)

Data Bank for :

  • Information on suppliers , divided in product groups and place of production ( Bangalore, Delhi, Madras, Tirupur .Bombay Dhaka ).
  • Company profile and company report.
  • Monthly report on the production position of all orders
  • Regular information on new offers in all product groups.

Planning of the Buying Visit:


  • Buyer will be accompanied on his trip by us.
  • Translation helps when visiting the supplier.
  • Translation of order Formats, Documents etc.
  • Advice and support in all branches.
  • Price Negotiation
  • Order Placement (See 3.1 and 3.2)
  • Completions report at the end of the buying trips with results, discussions, and possible improvement.


  • Information over Delivery periods, Production Capacity, Minimum Order quantity availability etc.
  • Arranging of samples and Raw Materials (New Collection).
  • Arranging appointments with the selected suppliers.
  • Booking of inland flight tickets hotel reservations, transport etc. for the buyer or buying team.

Order Working

Order checking:

  • Is the order complete? Completion if necessary.
  • Detailed write up on the order materials and accessories. (Consumption, Price and Technical Details).
  • Checking the product write up with the respective custom tariff number, in case of doubt rechecking with customs.

Placing of order:

  • Checking the suppliers once again if all parameters are met (Quality, capacity etc.)
  • Checking and getting the confirmed the agreement conditions.
  • Conformation of the important order conditions, delivery date, sample delivery date, colour and size break-up etc.

Order follow up:

  • Timely sample completion, Inspection.
  • Report on the sample before dispatch.
  • Daily coordination and communication (PC-aided) with supplier and buyer.
  • Checking the opened L/C ‘s.
  • Ensuring the timely booking on Air / Sea Cargo Space.
  • Ensuring cargo tailing end to end.

Quality Assurance

In house Testing facilities (as per requirements)

  • Colour fastness test equipment’s (dry, wet)
  • Testing Equipment for checking material strength.
  • Dummies (Ladies, Gents) for testing the fit.

Laboratory test in a recognized laborator

  • AZO, PCP, Heavy Metals
  • Colour fastness (Shrinkage, Pilling)
  • Material Composition.
  • Material Construction.

Inspection before production:

  • Approval sample for buyers .
  • Size set ( fit , grading ,workmanship )
  • Production sample ( inspection for original material, accessories, labels, original colour ).
  • Cutting.

Production procedure:

  • Online control (avoidance of defects through immediate control in the first production piece ).
  • Regular in between on – line and AQL on finished garments.
  • Inspection of packing materials.
  • Final inspection as per AQL

Release of Shipment:

  • Centralizing of all deliveries in our inspection centre which is in the building of the clearing agents at various cities.
  • Inspection by AQL once again in the inspection centre .
  • Packing inspection
  • Control of all accessories .
  • Preparation of inspection certificates

EWS( Early Warning System)

• Our customer will be provided with the access the EWS to give running orders on real time basis.
• With every day alerts on the running orders on each individual points of production helps merchandisers and production team to control production and ensure slippages timely delivery.

Licences we are experienced with


Woven: Blouse (plain & embroidered)/ Pants / Shorts / Dresses / Skirts / Jeans / Scarf / Pareo.

Knits: T-shirt (plain & Embellished)/ Dresses / Tops / Pants / Cardigan / Nightwear

Sweaters: In 5 gauge /7 gauge / 12 gauge / cotton/ cotton acrylic and sweaters with acid/washing


Woven : Shirts (casual & city)/ Trousers /Shorts / Bermuda’s /Boxes / Vests /Nightwear

Knits: T-shirts /Jogging suits / nightwear ‘s

Sweaters: In 5 gauge/7 gauge /12 gauge /cotton / cotton acrylic and sweaters with acid/ washing


Woven : All kids of garments for Boys, Girls and Infants. These includes Shirts, Blouses, Dresses, Trousers, nightwear, Sweaters, t-shirts, Rompers

Knits: T-shirts /nightwear /dresses /Rompers

Sweaters: In 5 gauge / 7 gauge / 12 gauge /cotton /cotton acrylic and sweaters with acid /washing


Leather garments, Goods and Gloves Etc.


Durries / Carpets /Curtains /Pillowcases / table wears /Throws /Binds/ Quilts /Bedding.


Glass /candle stands /Napkin rings / Christmas decorations wall scones /fire screens / handmade paper products etc.

Hand knitted

Handmade Bags, Wallets etc.


Our team with 15 members are experienced with 25 years of GERMAN textile market / field

                             Sridhar Chari

Sridhar Chari

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar

General Manager

Inspection Center

Dhaka, Chittagong, Delhi, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Salem, Karur Chennai, Bangalore, Salem and Tirupur.

Social engagement

1. Will we succeed in putting it together?
2. Will we find the required funds?
3. Will we complete on time?
4. Will there be cost overrun? – How will we bridge it?
5. Will the project reach the desired target?
6. Will it be sustainable?”
7. Will it be maintained to last?

These and many other questions fleet through the mind whether the project is a commercial one or a social project.

When I read through Gandhiji’s writings many years ago, the following quotes jumped out and remain imprinted in my mind.

1. “India 1s to be found not in its few cities but in its 7,00,000 villages.

The cities are capable of taking care of themselves. It is the villages we have to turn to. We have to disabuse them of their prejudices, their superstitions, their narrow outlook, and we can do so in no other manner than that of staying amongst them and sharing their joys and sorrows and spreading education and intelligent information among them”

2. “Find the purpose and the means will follow.”

3 “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

4 “Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy”.

The underlying power of these quotes amazes me time and again when each time the project is identified, the funds flow in the land is donated, the personnel fall in place, the education department officers are ready to help and the villagers are enthusiastic with their support.

We work the following to ensure community owner ship

1. Get the village fully involved right form the selection of the site and use the village Dynamics to get the site donated /allocated for building the school. this first step ensures that the villagers feel that it is their school and not a government school.

2. Create a lively, airy, well lit classrooms where the children will come happily every day.

3. Provide hygienic and easily maintainable toilets for the children. In true Rotary spirit thought is given to ensure that all factors of water, electricity and rain water harvesting are taken care of. Provide kitchen to cook mid-day meal scheme.

4. Provide sports and play equipment in all schools we build.

5. Funding is by getting corporates to fulfill their CSR by educating children in the villages.

The school built are not in the cities but in the real rural hinterland where the results of these interventions are heartening with the high attendance, minimal dropouts and excellent academic and co- curricular results.

Three critical areas which we face and surmount every time are

1. Getting the villages to gift the land (free to the education department)
2. Getting the support of the village community.
3. Getting a contractor to work in these remote areas and getting quality work.

This proven model template as can enable corporate to fulfill their CSR. The the school adoption program where the corporates can sport their names on the school. The school will be named after the corporate. We have a data bank of villages in their need of schools.

We would be pleased to provide information on how the corporates can fullfill their CRS with reaching the FULL rupee spent to their targeted interest category with NO administrative or supervision costs.

Some of Linkers customers who have came to bulid schools on their name are

1. Jansen textile GmbH (Germany)
2. Roadsign group.

Over the last years we have completed more than 25 such school projects in the villages.

—- Sridhar R.chari

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  • Suppliers as per product and article group
  • Materials and accessories
  • Price
  • Competitors activities
  • Continues information Economic developments (Currency, Inflation Rate ).
  • Orders are followed through specially in house developed software EWS ( Early Warning System).
  • With every day alerts on the running orders on each individual points of production helps merchandisers and production team to control production and ensure slippages timely delivery.